You may be paying TOO much in property tax - 60% of Americans are"! We're here to help!

Lower your property taxes

The property tax you pay on your home each year is based on your local government’s estimate of value for your home. To lower your property taxes, you must appeal to your local government and provide information that supports a lower value. makes this easy with our process that takes about 10 minutes!

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Determine your home value

For an initial “COST-FREE” analysis, will determine whether your home value is too high by applying our specialized calculation to comparable property sales in your neighborhood. We will provide you an instant summary of all relevant property sales along with a recommendation to either move forward with an appeal or not, which can save you time and money.


You will receive the following:

If your estimated property value is not fair, will provide you with the necessary documentation and guidance to appeal the assessed value.

  • A comparable sales report which includes market data, analysis, and photographs of relevant properties.
  • Completed copies of all required local appeal forms for you to directly submit to your local government in a timely manner.